Series A

series A

The main feature of the “A” series is the use of motors that, in the versions gear, servo or stepping motor drive, are mounted to the cylinder in an axial direction via the coupling. Two design versions are available. A quadratic aluminium profile is used for the design  sizes KV/TV – 20/30 AP, all other design sizes have a round housing. Different mounting options can be supplied. By default, a rod end bearing on the piston rod and rotary bearing console are offered. Customer specific fixing points are also possible as an alternative. This cylinder has been designed for the difficult operation and ambient  conditions in the industry. The lifting cylinders are fully encapsulated and can be mounted in any installation position outdoors as well as in rooms with a high degree of soiling or in areas with potentially explosive atmosphere. The switching is generally carried out using an adjustable limit switch or, upon request, using an overload coupling. The attachment of a sender or potentiometer is also possible as well as the delivery with positioning or synchronizer control. The cylinders are practically maintenance-free.

Adjustment force up to 500 kN
Adjustment velocity up to 1.000 mm/s
Adjustment path up to 3.000 mm
Duty cycle up to 100 %
Protection class IP 65 or higher
Options Limit switch
Overload couplings
Sender systems
Ex version
Stainless steel version