Double cylinder

Double cylinder

Double cylinder TV-5SE-DO

As a result of respective requests of our customers, we have designed the TV-5SE-DO.

Main feature: one motor activates two trapezoidal screw drives using two screw drives.

The advantage of this design is the simple attachment of the electric lifting cylinder using a flange plate on the side and the parallel synchronous run of both spindle units. This electric lifting cylinder can be used everywhere where adjustment motions are required in two opposite directions and for synchronous running.

You have the possibility of equipping different motors with IEC flanges. Moreover, special flange sizes can also be supplied in order to mount servo-motors, for example.
In standard cases, three-phase motors are equipped with IEC flange that can be optionally equipped with a brake.

Technical specifications:

Adjustment force up to 3.500 N for each piston rod

Adjustment velocity up to 36 mm/s

Trapezoidal thread

Application area:

The cylinder TV-5 SE-DO is already being used successfully in different applications. These are, for example:

  • closing door wings

The electric lifting cylinder activates a closing mechanism for a door wing where this is locked at the top and the bottom at the same time.

  • Drive for closures on a crane crossbeam

The electric lifting cylinder locks the closures on a crane crossbeam for transporting containers.

  •  Drive for a gripping pliers

The electric lifting cylinder activates a gripper for lifting a load.



  • solenoid switch, also on both sides for increased operational safety
  • overload coupling for limiting the adjustment force
  • motors with brakes
  • special flanges for attaching motors without IEC flange
  • other fixing possibilities, e.g., fork heads, male thread or female thread